When I was a young lad, the joys of spring were overshadowed by the gloomy task of spring cleaning. Chores took priority over playing outside.  As you can see, I’m still bitter and now have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning.

Regardless of my feelings toward spring cleaning, it’s that time of year again. Yes your carfacebook business page needs a good washing and your desk pleads for organizing, but this is my article and it’s about Social Media. Here a few tips on how to spring clean your Facebook Business Page.

Re-evaluate Audience

Facebook can be an incredible marketing tool if used properly. Take some time to review exactly who your target audience is. Taking a fresh look at your audience gives you the opportunity boost profitable practices, discontinue ineffective efforts, and target new markets full of potential customers.

Update About Section

When was the last time you looked at your company’s “About” section? If you can’t remember, shame on you. You may be surprised to see what information is available. Spice up the “Company Overview” section to sound a bit more appealing to your audience. Add new products. Delete old products. You get the idea.

Change Profile Pic or Cover Photo

The easiest thing to change on a business page that everyone will notice is your profile picture. If you have a fresh new logo, use it for your profile pic.  Changing the cover photo also has a very noticeable effect. Whatever you change it to, it’s time you put some life into your page! Be fun and creative with your cover photo.

spring cleaning suppliesAssess all Photos

This step will probably be the most time consuming. First, review the photos you have uploaded to Facebook. Delete or hide any photos that might reflect badly on you or your business. Also, if a photo is blurry or hard to see, delete it. Start with the most recent and work backwards. Some people are quite surprised to see the photos they posted months or years back.

Audit posts

When you post to Facebook, what do you share? Are you always posting the same type of content or talking about the same things? Keep your posts fresh and interesting. Photo posts usually get more likes/comments than a simple link shared with everyone. Always connect your posts to your target audience, and remember that the main goal of any post should be interaction!

Well, my job here is done. I won’t do your spring cleaning for you. Find 30 minutes today to go through your Facebook business page and give it a good scrubbin’. Hopefully you’re awed at the difference it makes.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director