Lets face it, its a pain to type your keywords into Google and scroll through pages and pages of results looking for your site to see if your SEO work has paid off or not. There are some really great free search engine rank checker tools out there that can simply tell you where your site is ranking so you don’t have to waste so much time looking yourself. Some of these tools are better than others though. Here is a list of a few that I’ve played around with that you might find useful.

  • Rank Checker – This is a great little plug-in for Firefox. Its not always 100% accurate and I have had some problems with it running slowly, but it has a lot of extra features that make it worth trying. It allows you to add entire lists of keywords and save them for later so you can easily check the same set of keywords over and over again. If you’re consistently checking rankings for multiple sites with multiple keywords there is no better tool. Rank Checker also lets you export your results so you can track the results in a spreadsheet.search engine rank checker tool
  • Rank Tracker – This is the most sophisticated and accurate tool I’ve used. It has the huge list of search engines that it can check including results from other countries and languages. It also lets you check multiple keywords. The downside is that it is a program you have to download, so its not built into your browser like many of these tools. Also in order to save the lists of keywords you are tracking and access the more advanced features of the program you have to pay. However, the free version does the job for me.search engine rank tracker tool
  • Search Engine Reports – This website lets you check your rankings without downloading anything. The cool feature with this tool is that it actually shows you the snippet that appears in the results. Not only do you see your position in Google but you see what you look like in Google. You can check multiple keywords with this tool, but it will only give you results from Google even though it says it will check Bing too. It is fairly accurate but the results can be deceiving as it does not include any local results that Google puts at the top.free rank checker tool
  • mikes-marketing-tools.com has a free search engine rank checker that is worth checking out. It will only let you check one keyword at a time, but it brings up the results in a pop-up window that stores your last 25 searches so you can look at all of the results side by side. It will check Google, Yahoo (even though Yahoo is the same as Bing), Bing, and AOL. Its not 100% accurate but it will get you close.

So there are some tools to get you started. There are tons of free tools out there and finding a free search engine rank checker that works for you is going to be essential in aiding your internet marketing solutions.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director