20-social-media-iconsHave you ever wished that you could instantly know what the perfect post would be on your Facebook As nice as that sounds, that mentality may be preventing you from ever creating “the perfect post”.  Assuming that it even exists.  I want to dive a little deeper on why looking for it might be the reason you never find what I call social media’s Bigfoot, the perfect post.  Let’s start by looking at a few platforms and some elements that make a good post. 


Expert advice for small businesses on Google PlusIn my opinion, Google+ is the most crucial platform for a business because of its audience and SEO benefits.  I think it has quality content and eliminates much of the junk floating around social media.  So what makes a good post on Google+?  I have 3 suggestions.

1)      Tag others in your post.  People love getting tagged in posts and especially on Google+.  If you post an article you like, talk about how awesome it is and then give the credit to the author by tagging them.

2)      Post to communities.  When not very many people have you in their circles it’s hard to get your posts out there.  Don’t just post things publicly.  Find thriving communities and post relevant engaging content to the community where potentially many people could see it.

3)      Use captivating images.  Google+ seems to have a little bit of Pinterest in its blood because posts with captivating images do very well.  The ability to post larger images than Facebook and enhance those images makes it very visually based.


large_8560618867With their recent algorithm changes it’s hard to reach people as a business but it is still possible.  I have two suggestions for creating Facebook posts.

1)      Text only.  The majority of your posts should not be only text.  However, these posts reach more people and can even stand out from the normal post because they’re so simple.  It lets people see that you don’t need pictures or links to create quality content and it mixes things up.

2)      Use targeting.  Facebook has a great tool that allows you to target your posts to specific followers.  Use it!


twitter_logo1 - CopyI want to first say that a successful Twitter account should focus on quantity.  You have to be willing to post multiple times a day.  Here are my tips for creating those many posts.

1)      Be mysterious.  Don’t completely spell things out for people.  Give them a little mystery so they wonder what you’re talking about and want to click to find out.

2)      Call to action!  The character limit for tweets is so small that you usually can’t say much.  Unless you’re a celebrity and people want to just here what you have to say you have to post links and a call to action.

Finding Bigfoot


How you ever noticed that the people searching for Bigfoot never find one?  It’s always the people doing their day-to-day activities that claim to have seen one.  Trying to create the perfect post everyday will lead you to frustration and will be discouraging.  This frustration could prevent you from doing what ultimately makes a great social media account, consistency.  Rather than focusing on creating the perfect post, focus on consistent quality posts.  Success on social media comes when people’s interests meet up with your quality content.  You have no control over what people are interested in at any given moment but you do have control in how consistently you are trying to connect with them.  With that approach you undoubtedly will connect eventually and with time and dedication your account will flourish.  Know that you will have posts that will not reach very many people or have much engagement.  That’s alright!  It’s amazing how far consistent posting will take you.

Maybe one day you will find the elusive perfect post.  But I doubt it.  I’ll take years of consistent posting over “the perfect post” any day.  Don’t get discouraged in the slow growth you may find.  Just keep posting and you will see success.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director