Beggar child in ChinaSocial media marketing services are proving to be a powerful tool to save lives and find missing children worldwide. Thanks to computers, cellular devices, Wi-Fi, iPads, and anything else with an internet connection, a missing child’s information and picture can be sent and seen across the world to millions of people within seconds.

Back in the 1980’s only 60 percent of missing children were recovered. However, since the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the recovery rate has jumped to 96.5 percent.

In China alone there is an estimated 20,000 children abducted each year. In the case of Peng Gaofeng whose son was kidnapped from outside their own home at the age three, took matters into his own hands when the Chinese government offered no assistance.

Peng created his own blog and bombarded China’s internet community in hopes that someone would recognize his son’s picture. It worked! Someone recognized his son and after three heartbreaking years they were reunited. Click here to watch their touching story.

Lost and Found - missing childrenIn both China and the United States, there are now social media sites specifically dedicated to finding missing children. In China people are even encouraged to take pictures of beggar children and post them on these sites. Already six beggar children have been recognized and reunited with their families.

In the United States, sites like sends out email blasts, text messages and uses social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to immediately notify people of missing children that have been reported missing through their site. Already it has had many success stories.

So social media services are not just for business or personal use, but can also be used for healing broken hearts and bringing joy to families.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director