I have recently tried my hand at LinkedIn Ads, and I must admit I find them to be quite fascinating. Although you don’t get the click-through-rates that Facebook ads provide, your impressions are much higher. With over 310 million users so it may seem hard to get noticed on LinkedIn, but by running ads you can not only get noticed but also potentially gain business.

There are two main types of ad campaigns, traditional (albeit digital) ads and sponsored content. LinkedIn also offers banner/display ads, email marketing, and more, but I’m going to focus on the two types I mentioned before.

LinkedIn advertismentTraditional LinkedIn Ads

Their standard ads consist of a 150×150 pixel images, a 25 character headline, and a 75 character description. You can either link to your LinkedIn page or your website; you’ll need to decide what your objectives are and what landing page would help your cause the most. You can have up to 15 ad variations running simultaneously – I would recommend using at least 2 or 3 so you can A/B test.

Once you’ve created your ad copy you can choose your target audience. After choosing a location (e.g. North America) LinkedIn allows you to target (as well as exclude) companies by name, category, and company size. You can narrow your targeting further by including specific job titles or by broader job functions and seniority. Other targeting options include schools attended, skills possessed, groups they belong to, gender, and age. You can be as broad or as specific as you desire.

Types of LinkedIn Advertisements

After you’ve narrowed down your audience you can choose your payment options. You can pay every time someone clicks on your ad or per 1,000 impressions. The minimum daily budget is 10 USD and you can have your campaign run indefinitely or until a specific date.

Sponsored LinkedIn Content

Sponsored content on LinkedIn works much the same way as Facebook‘s sponsored posts. You can either choose to promote an old updates or you can write new content for the purpose of being sponsored.  The targeting options are exactly the same for LinkedIn ads and sponsored content, but the bidding options are a bit different. With sponsored content LinkedIn gives you the option to set a fixed budget for your campaign, once you’ve reached your limit your ads will stop being shown.


I’ve Made my LinkedIn Campaign, Now What?

Now that your ads are up and running and your content is being sponsored, all you have to do is monitor the results. Which ads are more successful? Is there anything you can change to make them more successful? Is your content reaching the right people? You cannot directly edit LinkedIn ads, but you can create duplicate ads and tweak those.

As powerful as social media marketing is on its own, it is much more potent when coupled with social media advertisement. Here at Leadgenix, we offer a full range of social media products – from daily posting to creating social media ads. What can we do to help you grow your business’ online presence?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director