Matt CuttsMatt Cutts recently responded to another  question in his regular Google Webmaster help videos.  The questions that he was asked this past week:

“Does a website get a better overall ranking if it has a large amount of indexed pages?”

The short answer is no.  Having more pages on your website will not guarantee you a higher ranking. Cutts said, “I wouldn’t assume that just because you have a large number of indexed pages that you automatically get a high-ranking. That’s not the case.”

Possible Benefits

However, there are potential benefits to having a larger website which can result in better ranking. Cutts noted that sites with a larger number of pages generally have a larger number of links pointing to these various pages.  He said, “Now typically if the site does have more pages, it might have more links pointing to it, which means it has higher PageRank.”  Continuing he said, “if that is the case we might be willing to crawl a little bit deeper into the website and if it has higher PageRank, then we might think it’s a little bit of a better match for users queries.”  Now while Google is no longer updating PageRank in their search bar, the ranking is still used in their algorithm.

Having a large number of incoming links signals to Google web crawlers that the website has authority and probably will provide better results for user’s queries.  Because of this the crawlers will reach deeper into the website finding more pages to index and display in search results.

A larger number of pages also provides the opportunity to populate the pages with different keywords allowing you to rank for more individual queries.  On the flip side you can use the additional pages to focus on a specific set of keywords in order to rank higher for those specific queries.


To have more links to a webpage or have it rank for a keyword the webpage itself needs to be worth linking to or viewing.  This goes back to the familiar phrase, “content is king.”  Make sure to create quality, unique content to populate your pages with.  Good content will not only boost the algorithm’s recognition of your site chain linksbut the natural flow of interested traffic.  Conversely, poor or duplicated content on additional webpages can destroy your website.  Build with the user rather than the algorithm as your focus.


  • Simply having a larger number of pages on your website will not make the site rank better.
  • More webpages may mean more incoming links boosting a website’s PageRank.
  • More webpages give the opportunity to include more keywords and rank for numerous web queries.
  • If you do add pages to your site create unique, quality content in order to garner traffic and links; increasing your ranking.

To watch Matt Cutt’s original response click here.

Photo Credit: Wirawat Lian-Udom, Michael Dorausch

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director