#What Is IFTTT?

IFTTT is an if-then statement for your digital world. Using IFTTT you are able to create conditional statements on the web using tools that are already part of your life.


Still having a hard time understanding? Let me take you step by step. If you already know how to use IFTTT then skip down and take a look at all that sweet IFTTT recipe goodness.

STEP 1: Think about the recipe you would like to create (See below for some inspiration)

STEP 2: Activate the channel(s) you plan on using in your recipe

STEP 3: Click “Create a Recipe”

STEP 4: Click on “this” to select your THIS channel

STEP 5: Choose Trigger Channel, choose a Trigger, then complete Trigger Fields (if applicable)

STEP 6: Click on “that” to select your THAT channel

STEP 7: Choose Action Channel, choose an Action, then complete Action Fields (if applicable)

STEP 8: Confirm, add a catchy recipe title, and activate “Create Recipe”

#Social Media Automation

Any new WordPress post gets sent to Facebook


This recipe is simple, any time you upload a new post to your WordPress blog IFTTT will post to your Facebook with a link. This isn’t one of my favorites since it takes the human out of social media (don’t get me started on this one). Don’t worry, I’m just starting you off slow, I can’t give away all the good stuff right here at the beginning.

Use Instagram to update your Twitter profile picture


Keep things up to date across your social media with this little trick. Upload a new photo with a #profile tag in the photo caption to replace your Twitter profile picture. I don’t think you can replace your profile picture on anything but Twitter, when this changes please let me know so I can update this post.

Post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures


I’m sorry to post another Instagram to Twitter recipe but for all you Instagram and Twitter users you know annoying it is to have all your Instagram pictures posted as a link in Twitter when you use the Instagram app. Well worry no more! With this recipe any new photo posted to Instagram by you will post a tweet with image on Twitter natively. Take that Instagram app!

Add to your Buffer queue via IFTTT!

So buffer might be my new favorite social media tool right now when it comes to automation. Why? Because it automates your process without completely eliminating the human element to social media, which is the whole point of social media right?! </rant> Ok, so now for some Buffer recipes. I’m only adding a few right now (since I’m a Buffer newbie) but I would like your feedback on how to better utilize this tool in your social media automations so please please please share your creativity with me here. Don’t worry, I’ll even give you credit for sharing.

Add to your Buffer queue using Pocket


So you can do this a couple different ways, it’s really your own preference how you would like to customize this recipe. Anything you add to Pocket with the tag #SendToBuffer will be added to your Buffer queue. You can also set it up so that anything you favorite or archive gets sent to Buffer, I use the tag so that I have more control over it.

Create an editorial calendar using Buffer and Google Calendar


How cool would it be to have your editorial calendar with all of your social media posts already in it and you don’t have to do a thing? Say hello to my little friend! With each post that is added to Buffer, this recipe adds a new event to your Google Calendar on the date and time it’s scheduled to post.

Send new blog posts to your Google Plus page


Google Plus doesn’t really play nice with the other social media platforms. With IFTTT you can send any WordPress post to your Buffer queue and Buffer allows you to post to Google Plus.

Create a task in your Buffer queue by sending a SMS


I don’t know that I’m using this one any time soon because I have a smart phone and there are other ways for me to add to my Buffer queue, but this does show you how creative you can get with IFTTT. By sending IFTTT (see your IFTTT account for the phone number) any SMS message from your phone number you can add a post to Buffer.

Now that you’ve automated using Buffer, all you need to do is do your regularly checkup on your Buffer queue to make some changes to these automated posts so you don’t look like a robot. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not a Buffer pro so I’m looking for some feedback on how you use IFTTT and Buffer to automate your social media.

#Social Listening

Send yourself an email any time a new Instagram is posted at a location



This recipe is great for local businesses and any business interested in a specific location. Specify a location and get an email whenever anyone posts to Instagram from that location. Now all you have to do double tap that photo or comment, let’s get social people!

RSS a Twitter search and add to a Google spreadsheet


This one is a little trickier so I hope you stay with me here. Do a Twitter search for something you’re interested in (if you’re Coke then do a search for #ShareaCoke). Now copy that URL and head over to Page2RSS.com and paste this URL into the Page URL text box and hit enter. This is your RSS feed so paste that into the Feed URL of your Feed Trigger. Your Action will be Google Drive, select “Add row to spreadsheet” and customize where and what you want showing. This may require some tweaking to show the results that you want in your Google Drive but now you have a spreadsheet that will keep track of all the times this hashtag appears on Twitter.

Create an RSS feed for other things: forums, review sites, and anywhere else your customers may be submitting content using this same recipe and Page2RSS.

Get notified of new videos in your industry on the Internet



This is another one that isn’t as straightforward but it can produce great results with your listening capabilities. Create a Google Alert around certain topics you’re interested in but filter only video results (even by region if you choose). Now you can create a recipe for any new email with these search parameters to filter only these Google Alert results and send them to your Google Drive and add row to spreadsheet of your choice. You can also deliver these to an RSS feed, copy that RSS feed URL, and use the previous recipe to create the same spreadsheet for your Google Alerts.

Create a Google Alert for other things: brand mentions, hacks on your own site (site search + keywords associated with spam and hacking), or anything else. Use this recipe or you can send your Google Alerts to an RSS feed and use the previous recipe.

#Content Inspiration

Get an email when there is a new post from a Reddit search


Set Reddit as the Trigger Channel, new post from search as the Trigger, then input your search parameters. With Email as the Action Channel you will get an email every time there is a new post in that Reddit search. This can be a good source of information about what’s going on in your industry.

Pay attention to Google Trends for content inspiration



Turn Google Trends into an RSS feed (paste URL into Page2RSS to create an RSS feed). Create a recipe that sends you an email every time a new item is added to Google Trends with keywords relevant to you and your industry.

See who is pinning from your competitors websites on Pinterest


Pinterest can be a lucrative place for your business to be online, be sure you’re listening to what’s going on. To see who’s pinning from your competitors (or even your own) website you can do a search by entering the URL: www.pinterest.com/source/DOMAIN.COM. Use this URL to create an RSS feed using Page2RSS again. Now all you have to do is setup IFTTT to send you an email every time there is a new pin to yours or your competitors website.


Track all of your tweets in Google Drive


This little trick adds some flare to your Twitter reporting with very little extra work on your part. Use IFTTT to track all of your tweets in Google Drive. As an extra you can recreate this recipe to track your new followers.

Daily weather reports in your Google Drive


Look like a rockstar by setting this up now and bringing it up in a meeting 3 or 4 months from now. Select a time of day and keep track of the weather and conditions daily. Send this data to Google Drive and add a row to your spreadsheet. If you weren’t sure about seasonal and weather trends before, you will now.

#Fun IFTTT Recipes

Log your Nike Fuel daily goals in Evernote


Keep track of your Nike+ Fuel in Evernote. You can do this every day no matter what, just when you reach your daily pace, or when you hit your daily/weekly goals. Look back on this and see if you’re keeping up with that active lifestyle you want.

Save your Facebook photos to Dropbox


Setup a recipe to save any Facebook photo that you are tagged in to your Dropbox. I do this same recipe on my phone. Any photo I snap with my iPhone gets saved to my Dropbox account. Who needs the iCloud when you’ve got IFTTT?!

Now you’re all set to manage social media…


What other recipes can you think of to include? Comment below and let me know.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director