Local search is very essential part of search engine optimization. A study shows that 43 percent of total Google search queries are local. And this study shows that 50 percent of mobile search is local. So anything you do to get your business ranking higher on the local listings of Google is well worth your time.

How to Rank Higher in the Local Listings on Google

There are both on-page, off-page, and other local factors that contribute to your business’s ranking on the local listings of Google. To aid you in your quest, I recommend watching the 20-minute video below entitled, “Local Search Ranking Factors.” This video will give you a detailed comprehensive lesson on the most significant local search tactics you should be both aware of and working on. From choosing the right categories on Google Places for Business, to quality on-page optimization, to getting quality reviews, and getting consistent structured citations, this video will explain all you need to do to get more customers.

Local Search Ranking Factors

Austin Lund