Instagram, one of the world’s most popular online photo resources, and my personal favorite form of social media, joined the bandwagon and added a tagging feature.

On Thursday, it introduced a “Photos of You” section, a new feature that allows you to tag your friends, or things such as a band or donut shop.instagram-logo-icon-650x4061

The mobile photo app company was acquired by Facebook last year for $1 billion so it was only a matter of time before they understood marketing through social media and added tagging feature was created. Instead of using the word “tag,” which is used on Facebook, Instagram is calling it “Add” as in adding names of people to a picture.

Instagram tagging featureAfter you take a picture, you have the option to “Add People” from the Share screen.  You then tap on a person in the picture and answer the on-screen question. “Who’s this?” You select their name from the drop down menu or you can search for the person. You can also share a picture you’ve already taken by going to the photo and selecting “Add People.”

When you have been tagged by a friend, like on Facebook, you’ll be notificationified and and the photo will appear in your “Photos of You” section. This new section is available through an update from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

This is my big Thank You to the folks at Instagram for finally jumping on the bandwagon of offering a tagging adding people feature!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director