If your name is SEO and your cousin is PR, then it is OK, otherwise you should NOT marry your cousin!
You may consider this article to be a formal invitation to the nuptials of SEO and PR who have long been considered related, but till this point, have never really been together. Let the ceremony begin!

Dear friends and family,wedding-rings-150300_1280

we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Search Engine Optimization and Public Relations in marriage. They have come to realize that their personal dreams, hopes, and goals are more attainable and more meaningful through the combined effort and mutual support provided in love, and commitment; and so they have decided to live together as husband and wife.
That’s right, the dreams, hopes, and goals of PR and SEO are more attainable and more meaningful through a combined effort than they could ever be as individuals.


The internet today is nothing like your grandfathers interwebs of yesteryear. These days, anything significant that happens off the web somehow finds its way on to the internet. Anything you do for PR can easily be turned into a fantastic SEO opportunity. Just think about it, you stage a PR stunt or have a press release; without the internet, your story will not have a chance of going viral. PR people know that, and they have been building relationships with bloggers and reporters to get quality story placement for years.

penguin-161288_1280In the past

SEO people spent a lot of time getting zillions of links on automated directory sites and then zillions more through guest blogging on automated directories. For better or for worse, Google nullified the old SEO tactics with its penguin updates.


SEO people are forced to build relationships with living bloggers, real life webmasters and reporters to get quality content placement and build a quality web presence. Hold up… I feel like I am repeating myself.


PR people try to get people to publish stories on real publications that actually have readers with the goal of getting visibility for their story and their company. SEO people do a lot of work trying to get content placed on real publications that actually have readers with the goal of getting visibility for their links and gaining Google trust.
Moral of the story, although SEO and PR may have been good separately, just wait till they get married and have link babies all over the internet on good websites and blogs launching your website and your PR message to the next level!
If your PR people and SEO people are currently working separately, get some change going. Put your SEO people in contact with your PR people. The sooner you get rid of redundancy, the better. Get more bang for your SEO/PR buck. All of this will eventually save you some time so you can take a moment to sip some lemonade by the pool. 🙂

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director