How kids make money online - lemonadeCan kids make money online?  You bet.

With all the resources available, doing an online business is now easier and more affordable than ever. So easy, kids are doing it.

As a kid I was fortunate enough to live in a place where I could make money in the traditional ways of raking leaves, shoveling driveways, walking dogs, lemonade stands and paper routes.  However, not all kids live somewhere where these things are realistic.

So how can these kids earn money and learn some work ethic? Now days, any kid with internet access, and the willingness to learn and work, can make money.  (With adult supervision of course).

Here are some ways kids are make money online:

How to make money online
(Mommy bloggers, you may want to take notes to see how you can monetize your blog as well.)

  • Make products (crafts, etc.) and sell them online
  • Sell downloadable digital products (through affiliate links)
    • Music/song download sites
    • Online books (audiobooks)
    • Software (kids computer games, etc.)
  • Sell other physical products through affiliate links
  • Product Reviews (uploaded to YouTube, directing traffic to their website)
  • Google AdSense (included on the website)

The safest and most popular for kids are the affiliate marketing links.  Many affiliate programs are free to join (ie. CJ, GAN, Clickbank, etc.) and allow you to offer numerous products.  (Tip: The account will need to be set up under someone 18 or older)

How does affiliate marketing work?

When someone goes to your website and clicks on the product, that takes the customer to the company site (The Space Store for example). When the customer purchases the product, you earn a commission. (Affiliate programs track the commissions and pay you).

You don’t have to worry about any of the customer service. There’s no talking to strangers, shipping orders, dealing with payment processing, etc. The company handles all of that.

A Great Summer Project and Educational Experience

So as you can see, a project like this can be a great summer time project vs watching TV all summer.  Even when school is in session, the great thing about an online business is they can do it around homework and other responsibilities.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director