Make Money with Pinterest and AmazonA while back I wrote about How Kids Make Money Online. Today I’d like to focus on my latest favorite way for kids to make money without a website or a blog.  Pinterest.

Pinterest has made it possible for kids to easily make money with products they’re interested in, without having to make the products or being overwhelmed by building websites and blogs.  They can actually make commissions from products all ready made, without dealing with customers or worrying about shipping items.

Sign up For Amazon Affiliate and Pinterest Accounts

The first steps are to sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account and a Pinterest account. Get familiar with them, follow all the instructions and read everything.

When you’re in Pinterest, one thing you’ll notice is the option to “make a board”. You can make multiple boards with multiple pins (a.k.a. products to promote).

I highly recommend dividing the boards into categories. For example, if your kid is interested in Star Wars, Angry Birds and computer games, make a category board for each one.

Posting Amazon Products on Your Pins

There are a few ways to do this. One way to do this is the following:

  • Log in to your Amazon Affiliate account and browse or search for a product you want to promote.
  • Click on the drop down arrow of the button that says “Get link”. (The url will be long and look something like this “ That is the product page where your pin will eventually be directed.
  • Now log into your Pinterest Account. Click on “Add+”.
  • Click on “Add a Pin” and then paste the URL for the product link Amazon gave you into the box and click “Find Images”.
  • Choose the picture you want to show by using the “previous” and “next” links. Choose which Board you want to place it in (create a new one if necessary). Include a captivating description using keyword(s) and hit “Pin It”.
  • Test it out. Click on the picture/pin and watch it take you to the product page that includes your affiliate ID.

How Do People Find your Pins?

Aside from interesting descriptions and pictures to grab someone’s attention, keywords are the absolute most important for being found. What are keywords and why do they matter, you ask?

Keywords are what people type into searches when they’re looking for something. For example; “Star Trek Costumes”, “Angry Bird Plush Toys”, etc.

They matter because that’s how people will find your pins. If people can’t find them, then you don’t make any money and you just wasted time. The whole idea is to make money right?

Even when people are not typing in keywords, Pinterest itself is very intelligent.  It will see the keywords you used and automatically finds other people with similar interests, making them aware of your pins. This will peak their interests, check out your pins and if it’s intriguing enough, hopefully purchase the item.

Three Important Places to Include Keywords

When creating your boards and pins there are three main places you will need to include keywords.  (Keywords highlighted in purple)
#1. Title of the board (ex. “Star Trek Costumes”)
#2. Description of the board (ex. “Check out some of the most popular Star Trek Costumes… ”)
#3. Individual pin description (ex. “This Captain Kirk Costume is from the original series….”

That’s all for now. I hope you can now make money with Pinterest and have fun doing it.

Disclaimer: Amazon and Pinterest may have some age restrictions and may change their policies, procedures and steps at anytime. Be sure to read and follow their Policies, Procedures and rules.
Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director