Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience, encourage communication and interaction, and improve your SEO rankings. Hopefully your blog will even lead to some conversions and sales.

But how often should you write a blog post? What is the magical blogging schedule that will keep you relevant and give you the results you want?

Most (Mediocre) Bloggers Post about Once a WeekSEO Solutions

For a moment, let’s talk about what other bloggers are doing. There are a lot of them out there, and most of them are posting about once a week, according to a recent survey of 1000 bloggers by Orbit Media.

But do you really want to be like every other blogger? The internet is chock full of average, forgettable bloggers, so it’s better to choose a blogging strategy that helps set you apart from the rest.

To answer the question, “how frequently should I write blog posts?” there are two approaches that will give you success: posting shorter, more frequent posts, or writing longer and more in-depth posts less frequently. Either one of these choices will help you set yourself apart from the crowd of average bloggers.

Rise Above Most Bloggers by Posting Every Day

At the risk of overwhelming you, you should consider writing a blog post every day.

I know, coming up with fresh ideas and interesting content every day of the week can seem like an impossible task, but if it’s done right, you could really solidify your blog as a leading voice in your industry.

Frequent posts work best if they’re newsy or offer a different perspective. Your readers have to feel like you’re giving them the scoop; that they’re finding cutting edge news and commentary that they can’t find anywhere else. You don’t need to write 500 words every day (200-300 would work  just fine for these kinds of posts), but you still need to make your content worthwhile.

It’s a challenge to write daily posts, I know, but it’s a great way to stand above the crowd.

Post Less Often, but Make It Count

If daily posting just isn’t reasonable for you and your blog, then give the other extreme a try—writing one long, in-depth post per month.

Let’s face it, does the internet really need another blog post that just scratches the surface? Your readers can easily find thousands of unhelpful, boring, and un-relatable articles; why not give them that one post that actually delivers?

One great blog post is worth a thousand mediocre ones. Rather than flooding your blog with meaningless content, spend the time to research, edit, and polish one spectacular post each month.

Strive for Consistency

Whether you take the daily-post route, or the less frequent approach, you need to be consistent. A burst of blog posts followed by a dry spell is only going to hurt your rankings and drive away your readers.

Part of figuring out how frequently you’ll post to your blog is deciding on your blog’s identity. Are you a source for breaking news, or do you provide more in-depth content?

If your blog has a solid identity, then it will be more obvious how often you should post.

Above all, know your target audience. When you understand what your readers are searching for, you can deliver it to them.

For more blogging tips, check out Hanna’s recent post on writing great headlines.

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Adam Fifield
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