Social Media Optimization BloggingIn the SEO world the quote, “content is king” is often thrown around. For most companies they understand that their site needs to be a source of information about a particular subject. One thing however, that some companies do not realize is that the world wants NEW content, not just content. Static web pages have come and are long gone.

If you’re questioning how you can always add new content to your site, but still provide the essential information that must stay on your homepage, then question no further. There is a great solution that can help any business have fresh and wonderful new content; it’s called a blog.

Blogs are not only for those who want to share their family photos to the five people that are actually reading their entries. Blogs are a great way for anyone to share new and interesting information, without changing their homepage or other static pages.

How will a blog help you rank #1 on Google? Blogs, like I’ve mentioned a couple of times already, give your site new information. The more often you give your site new information, the more often Google will find a need to come and crawl your site. The more often you get crawled, the higher you rank. Make sense?

In summary, blogs are good and your company needs one.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director