Google+ is not just for Google employees anymore.

If you have never heard of Facebook, you might have been living under a rock. For the most part, everyone’s heard of and used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. I personally use Facebook to keep in touch with people and share interesting finds from time to time. Businesses have jumped on the Facebook wagon and have been promoting their brands and really interacting with the customers. That is great. Maybe I’m the only one, but when it’s come to Google+, I’ve never really utilized it to its full capacity. More importantly, I have been missing out on some great link building opportunities. So, I’ve changed my ways and I give you a basic overview or checklist for using Google+ as a business owner:

1)    Back to the Basics

First off, make sure that you as a business owner have a Google+, that your business has a Google+ page, and that you become involved.

1)      Glam up your profile and your business page – make sure the information is correct, that you are linking to your website and other sites you might be associated with.

2)      Posting and contacts – post regularly, make sure your posts or shares are insightful or related to your business. Yes, you can “hashtag” keywords or relevant brand names. Be hip. You can put certain contacts under “circles”, meaning groups of people, and only share certain information with each circle. Pretty nifty, right?

2) Link Juice

This is where it gets good. Remember that because this is Google+, social media relationships come first. Build relationships with these potential contacts, and then build links. Adapt these tips to the needs of your business:

1)      You can use your “circles” to categorize your link targets. Some circles can be for sites you have already contacted, others for successful links, etc.

  1. To contact your circles, you can email, use Google Hangouts, or even send a private message.

2)      Find People Search – You can find different people based on job, location, or education. You can narrow your search to find specific target markets who would be interested in linking with your business.

3)      Use CircleCount to find more Google+ prospects.

4)      When adding comments on other people’s posts/content, remember to be insightful and add to the conversation rather than spam. It’s all about building relationships.

5)      Add a Google +1 button to your site if you haven’t already.


This is just an introduction and basic overview to what Google+ has to offer. The reality will always be that good link building takes time and effort, but it reap great rewards in the long run. Next time I will get more into the nitty gritty of how to get a list of potential contacts. Until then, start using Google+!
photo credit: ChrisL_AK via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director