MUMBAI, India–Protesters outside Google Mumbai are not very happy with the recent algorithm change: Google’s “Penguin” Update. Estimates show that approximately 80% of the world’s link-building efforts were being outsourced to India, and now many of these people are out of a job simply because of Google’s latest changes.

Google Penguin Mass India Unemployment

Many Indians believe that their future, as well as the future of their children is in jeopardy because of Google’s new policy. In addition, many marketing agencies and top SEO firms in the UK and Europe will have to find alternatives for their link-building efforts.

Matt Cutts will address these passionate crowds tomorrow via Google HQ (a good idea, since he may not return if he went there in person). His video is expected to teach them how to link build the Google-friendly way. See an example here of Cutts’ video series on effective link-building techniques. Clearly the practice of pleasing the “Google god” has now become a universal goal.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director