Google AdWords Spelling Mistake

Google, the Search Engine leader, whom the majority of the world turns to daily when it has questions, has made a spelling mistake. Ironically, on their AdWords page, Google has misspelled “Attract more customers” as “Attact more costumers.”

The mistake is on one of their videos showing you how to use AdWords. Of all their pages to have a mistake, I find it hilarious that they have a spelling mistake on their “words” page. Google might not be as smart as they come off to be. Unless of course they are going for a little Halloween play-on-words with “attact-ing (attacking) more costumers” instead of “attract more customers.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Honestly I am not sure how attacking customers can be good for your company, but as proven over and over again, Google knows all.

Google (all high and mighty), allows its customers to report problems on all of their sites including Google Places and AdWords, however, the question is whether they really look into these reported problems or not.

Jackie Pettus explained on her blog that she wrote Google alerting them of their spelling errors. They emailed her back asking for a screen shot, which she sent back to them which they responded to saying they would look into the situation. That was earlier this week and yet Google still has not fixed this error.

Another guy, Phil Yeh, even tweeted about this problem saying: “Google Spelling Fail: “Attact More Costumers”? Anybody else seeing this on Adwords right now?” You would think that the top Search Engine would be on top of this problem and be able to fix it by now! But they haven’t.

Feel free to check out Google’s mistake and share it with your friends because this might be the only time we see a mistake from Google, unless this is a start of a down fall (which it appears to be with their lack of correction). After twelve solid years, Google is making simple spelling errors. Nice.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director