On this fine Valentines’ Day where lovers embrace and singles groan, Google and BING have decided to celebrate with colorful search engine doodles.

Google took a different approach from their usual horizontal “Google doodle” to create a more vertical logo, inspired by Robert Indiana’s 1973 eight cent love stamp.

Google Valentine's Day Logo

BING on the other hand took their traditional nature search scene and turned it into a Love Island, inviting all to come visit.

BING Valentine Day search

The most Yahoo did to celebrate this Valentine’s Day was include an article entitled: “Don’t Mess up Valentine’s Day” on their front page. We can tell which of these Search Engines is not as particularly happy for Valentine’s day. 😉

Which Search Engine Valentine’s Day celebration do you like best? Let us just hope that even with these search engine Valentine’s Day Celebrations, these search engines till assist in our Internet Marketing SEO.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director