An expression of freedom, courage, and confidence; baring one’s skin may be seen as unacceptable, but when we are talking about writing, it is the only way to make content worth reading. It can be exposing and uncomfortable at times to free yourself of the vestments of society but your voice is what will build trust, instill confidence, and ultimately create an engaging experience for readers. It’s time to liberate and expose yourself by using your voice and here is how you do it!

Let Go

This is the hardest part for most writers but it is the first step. In the words of James Ellison, “You write your first draft with your heart, and you rewrite with your head.” There is often times too much thinking and not enough feeling that goes into writing. This is true, especially in copywriting when you are trying to evoke emotion, persuade, and grab attention.


If you are writing with your own voice, then flow will often come very natural. Do you hear yourself actually speaking the words that you just wrote? If you don’t then readers are likely to get lost somewhere down the line. You should be able to read through your content without getting lost in jumbled up sentences or being stopped awkward pauses.

Less is more

Content should be combed through thoroughly to eliminate any fluff–Think about skinny dipping down that river with no clothes to slow you down or get you hung up on things–Ultimately less is more when you are trying to make sentences flow in copywriting!
For the millions out there who hate writing, maybe it’s about time you let go and gave The True Writing Experience a try. When it comes to getting noticed by others there is no better way to do it then exposing yourself and letting your liberating message get to readers! Give your company a boost with better content on your website, blogs, and email campaigns by turning to the professionals at Leadgenix!

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director