After last weeks f8 Conference there has been a lot of posts claiming that Facebook is nowfacebook scam becoming a paid service.  This is just another Facebook scam and completely untrue.

The post claims there will be a monthly charge for using Facebook.  But if you copy and paste the message then you will be exempt from these costs.

The scam takes advantage of the new changes that Facebook announced at f8.  Claiming that because of all of the new changes they will require a monthly fee.

There are many hoaxes on Facebook that you need to be careful of.  Be smart and see if these posts make sense before believing it.  If you will be exempted from paying a monthly fee for an indefinite amount of time just for posting something, it probably isn’t true.

As a result from these fake posts, Facebook now has on their homepage the slogan “Sign Up.  It’s free and always will be.”

its free and always will be With Google+ and so many alternatives for free social media services, it wouldn’t be wise to charge for any services.

Again, Facebook is not charging anything for their services.  Facebook is doing fine without charging users.  They are doing so well because they have so many users and won’t chance losing them by starting to charge to use Facebook.

Rob Hughes
Paid Search Analyst
Rob Hughes is a Paid Search Analyst at Big Leap who enjoys the creative aspect of online paid advertising. In his free time, Rob is a 3x Intramural Champion, a 17x Intramural Loser, and an avid climber of local mountains.