Social Media Marketing ServicesThanks to some clever Facebookers, many pets have been reunited with their lost humans after Australia’s devastating floods earlier this year.

The floods caused massive evacuations and billions of dollars’ worth of damage (an insurance company’s nightmare), leaving many people and pets homeless. While most people were able to evacuate, many of their animals weren’t so lucky.

Since the flooding hundreds (some argue thousands) of lost and terrified pets have been found. The flooding and evacuations happened so fast there simply wasn’t enough time to grab all the pets, if the owners could even find them. Many pets mysteriously disappeared just before the flooding hit. Could they have sensed danger and taken off? In other cases there was simply no logistical way to take their pets with them.

Animal shelters and families took lost animals in, but were overwhelmed with the numbers of pets who needed shelter and food. What on earth were they to do with all of them and how would they find all their owners?Social Media Marketing Services

That’s when social media savvy-internet- users decided to use Facebook as a tool to reconnect owners with their pets by creating Lost & Found Facebook pages. These pages allowed people to post pictures of pets they found, in hopes that the owners might see their pet. It also allowed owners to post pictures of their lost pets, in hopes that someone might recognize their pet as one that was found.

There are still many found pets looking for their humans, but every day, although months after the floods, there is a happy ending thanks to the help of Social Media Marketing Services that have helped get the word out and of course the wonderful people who care about these pets.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director