Facebook live creator, Mark ZuckerbergFacebook has finally launched its very own video streaming channel. No, you can’t stream your web cam for your friends and no, there will be no inaugurations or live coverage of the world cup to tune into, but it will finally give us a look into the workspace of Mark Zuckerberg, Hooray! . . .wait a minute–who cares about what goes on behind the scenes? As long as Janet responds quickly to my wall post and I can tag my ex in photoshopped pictures of Howie Mandel, I’m good. So why should I watch a live video stream?

This service is powered by Livestream, and will feature videos from Facebook staff and whoever they decide to interview. If a new product comes out or a celebrity stops by to get a picture with the “Zuck,” as he’s known around the office, then they’ll stream that, too. Heck, maybe I’ll swing by.

All sarcasm aside, Facebook live could be a great tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies that use the site for online marketing. It will give insights into how the company works and what new features are coming to the site, enabling companies to adapt as Facebook continues to dominate the market. As users become more aware of the stream and what it can offer, that number will continue to grow. At the time of this writing, there are 353 viewers watching the debut stream, and now there’s 364. Make that 375.

Is Facebook trying to get into the viral video game? According to a spokeswoman, the answer is no. “”Facebook Live is a natural extension of our blog and is a way to communicate with our users more directly,” the spokeswoman said. “The company has no plans to get into content production.”

So for now it seems that Facebook is simply doing what every company wants: reaching its audience. Today they did it by streaming America Ferrera, the star of ABC’s hit comedy “Ugly Betty.” Tomorrow it may be Steve Jobs, or even Shaq. One thing’s for sure-whatever “Zuck” deems worthy will be streaming live for any one of Facebook’s 500 million+ users to watch. 376.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director