Groceries with mom

I remember growing up having to go to the story every other day with my mother.  Spending so much time driving, getting kids in the car, dragging them through a story, waiting in lines, then loading and unloading the car.  For a busy mom, that sucks all the time out of your day, and no matter how well you plan, something can always go wrong!

Lucky for mothers, the internet has come to the rescue!  Selling on-line has become has optimized our way of living.  Instead of wasting time driving to stores, you are now just a click away from having it on your front door.

Top 3 Shopping Websites for Moms

These website do not only apply for mothers but also for anyone who wishes to have more time on hand!  Here is the site and some tip to get sweet deals:

  1.   Amazon is the top selling e-commerce site.  To get regular discounts on things you are constantly buy, e.g., toilet paper, cereal, tooth paste, etc, make sure to subscribe to that product to get up to 15% off and free shipping!  Also, sign up with Amazon Mom can get your special discounts on baby and kids products plus two-day shipping!
  2.   Schwans is a company that figured out how to ship your groceries! They have many great deals on meals for the family.  Using freezer drop off bags, they get your groceries to you safe and fresh!
  3.  Created by moms for moms, Zulily has all the new and best ideas for mothers.  With daily deals on everything from clothing to children’s toys they place has everything!  As Zulily states, “it’s like opening a new treasure chest every day.”

Lines suckOn-line Shopping, the Next Frontier

In the next few years, more businesses will be turning to the internet for major sales.  Walmart CEO Mike Duke announced today at global e-commerce sales are expected to hit $10 billion this year alone!   As technology and shipping improves, we should expect to see more shopping happening on-line than in actual stores.

Soon when business’ classes take about location, location, location, they will be referring to your location on Google search and blogs!  That is way starting on search engine optimization for your on-line business is crucial!  So if you are a business, save people sometime and let them buy on-line! Get started on your e-commerce site by learning about Magento.

No more stress of preparing the kids, controlling them in the store, and waiting forever in lines!  E-commerce has got your back.  Save some time and shop on-line!


Photo Credit: Ratterrell and Cleverchimp via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director