domino's pizzaFrom reading the title of this article you are probably asking yourself, “Are you serious?” I am not, however, Domino’s appears to be. They plan to go where no fast food restaurant, not even McDonald’s, has gone before. Not only do they plan to go to the moon, but to build a fast food branch on the moon.

A new site has been dedicated to the project and its progress. It opens with a video of chain’s Japan President and CEO Scott K. Oelkers in an astronaut outfit explaining the plan. He states, “We have a dream, and that dream is to deliver our Domino’s pizza on the moon.” This is a very bold statement. According to the site the project would cost around $21 billion, which is an enormous amount of money no matter who you are. Although expensive it is very enticing.  Six and a half billion people looking up at your logo every night and dreaming of the day they could be eating your pizza while looking down on Earth.

domino's on the moon
Now the question must be asked, is this for real, or is it just a marketing scheme? Current Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer, Russell Weiner, has been known to do something like this before. In 2002 Weiner, as a part of Pepsi’s marketing team, promised to send a customer into space. Although the promise was never fulfilled, the campaign, in many eyes, was a success.   In the video Oelkers ended by saying, “We plan from time to time to notify you of our progress.” Whether or not this project is serious or just a source of online reputation management remains to be seen. However, one thing is for sure, it has no doubt sparked interest in the name Domino’s once again.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director