James Bond: Spectre

Spectre opened worldwide this week breaking $300M in box office sales and becoming the second biggest of the 25 James Bond films behind Skyfall (2012) and paving the way for the 26th film, rumored to be the last appearance of Daniel Craig in the role of 007. There’s a broad range of opinions on the film, but here at Big Leap we focused on what we could apply to digital marketing from the latest James Bond installment.

Appearance Matters

No matter what James Bond is doing—rather its mingling in a mansion party, sneaking into evil meetings, fearlessly flying a helicopter, or walking away (unscathed) from an exploding building—he looks good doing it. In digital marketing we know that all of your clever marketing strategies, your content marketing effort, your email campaigns, and social media posts are judged first and foremost on their aesthetic appeal. For SEO experts, good copywriting is the equivalent of a tailored tux and a pristine pocket square. You have to be good, but it’s also important that you look good doing it.

Use The Right Tools For The Job

Before every mission, 007 equips himself with the latest gadgets and weaponry from the endless arsenal of Q and MI6. Sure, James has a history of destroying every beautiful new Aston Martin he receives in a matter of minutes, but it emphasizes the need to have the best equipment to carry out the mission.

In digital marketing, just like international espionage, the rules of the game are always changing and it’s a full-time job to keep up with the latest in platforms, technology, and marketing communication strategies. That’s why we recommend having a team of experts, like your own Q and MI6, to tackle the task and equip your team with the best tools for posting, tracking, reporting, and converting with your online presence.

Secret Agent

Know Your Mission

Not only does James Bond know his mission, be it following M’s last order or uncovering the man behind a global crime organization, but also the entire film knows that it needs to deliver the “James Bond” promise: James will deliver smooth humor, there will be car chases, things will explode… When a person goes to a James Bond movie they expect to see certain things. The same is true of your digital marketing effort.

Your mission is to clearly communicate what your brand does to the people who can benefit from your product or service. Carry out your mission! If your client is a car dealership that is a perfect fit for the buyer who wants a fast, no pressure car-buying experience, then put that in your ad. Then, using the demographic and psychographic info you have on that audience, target that ad so it goes directly to the person who is looking for that benefit. This is easy to do with PPC and paid social media ads. Your marketing job is NOT to get every person to buy a car. Figure out your mission and get it done.

Get the Job Done

No matter what the cost or how great the stakes, James Bond gets the bad guy. Sure it may require blowing up national landmarks, throwing enormous evil henchmen off trains, or pointing a gun at the malevolent mastermind who turns out to be your sort-of surprise stepbrother, but nothing stands in the way of Bond finishing his assignment and taking care of the problem.

In digital marketing, we have a job to do. Does the client want to drive traffic to a landing page? Then let’s set up the best practices we know to get the right people to the page. Email, paid ads, blog posting, search optimization, these all just become the paths to get the job done. When the client sees the leads coming in, the increase in site traffic, and the goal being achieved, no one worries about how many obstacles were in the way. We focus on doing what we said we would do: getting the job done.

Does James Bond really have much to do with digital marketing? Maybe not, but we like to think he would be pretty good at it. The real takeaway is that at Leadgenix, we see digital marketing in everything around us. And as the Secret Agency for our agency clients, we also identify with the super-secret lifestyle of a fellow super-spy. So we learn what we can from his example and invite you to learn from our experts. To get marketing training or white label work for your clients, reach out to us by phone, email, or untraceable secret encoder and let us help you gear up, look good, and get the job done.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director