4 Tips for Successfully Onboarding Clients


Over the years, if I’ve learned anything in the world of digital marketing it’s that change is the only constant. No two partnerships are exactly alike, which creates both excitement and a fun challenge each time we onboard a new client at Big Leap.

Through the sales process, one question keeps popping up:
How will communication […]

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6 Things to Look for when Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

“Part of knowing who you are is knowing who you aren’t.” I first heard this quote from our head of business development, Dan Posner, while we were deep in discussion about our core values and better defining who Big Leap is as an agency and why we do what we do.

As Big Leap has grown […]

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Improve Client Calls Instantly With These 5 Tips

Every day I spend hours chatting on the phone with current clients, prospective clients, contacts, partners, and friends—and I love it! A big part of the digital marketing business has very little to do with the internet, and everything to do with your rapport on the phone.

Some people think you have to be a “natural” […]

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Get Stakeholders on Board with Content Strategy


As a content strategist, you’re a whiz at breaking down your audience, understanding what motivates them, and how your content will propel them to action. Through a smart content strategy, you know you can get your audience to buy—and you know you can increase brand awareness. Most importantly, you can improve that bottom line.

If it […]

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Make Your Brand More Human on Social Media

When you think of a business or brand that you follow on social media, do you think of why you chose to do so? With a particular brand in mind, think of why you decided to follow them. Was it because you really like their products? Was it because they posted something that made you […]

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Utah’s Best & Brightest

Utah is exploding with growth. Our entrepreneurial spirit and startup-friendly culture has inspired hundreds of new companies to launch in or expand to Utah. We love being part of Utah’s business scene and created our Utah’s Best & Brightest graphic to celebrate some of the most innovative and fastest growing companies along the Wasatch Front. Check […]

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How Companies like Pluralsight are Using Creativity to Succeed

As an intern at Big Leap, I have the unique privilege to spend part of my day learning in the classroom and part of my day learning on the job. As I begin my career, I am learning the real-world value of a lot of things that I was asked to do in school. In […]

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