What’s the difference between a good blog comment and a bad one? Besides the obvious fact that one is good and one is bad.
There are time when blog commenting just needs to get done and you don’t care what you say, that’s where a bad blog comment exists. First off, when you just write a few words that don’t really matter to people, then you’re not going to get anybody interested in hearing more of what you have to say, or what your business has to offer.

Another, kind of obvious, reason to not put a comment that just has a few words and no thought in it is because it just may not be accepted as a comment, so you’ll obviously not be getting any attention there. Now you may be asking, “What does a bad blog comment look like?” I would answer that a bad comment is like this: Imagine you are link building for a construction company, and you are on a good blog that is filled with information that is completely related to your company, so you then want to comment.

What do I do?

Here’s a bad comment: “Nice article.” …is that it? There was obviously no thought put into this blog comment. Now, if you were to write a good comment, you would;

  1. First read the article, get a feel as to what it is trying to say or get at. Maybe even re-read the article a couple of times to make sure you really understand and can get “inspired” or formulate your opinion. You might even consider reading some other comments to help someone else’s opinion.
  2. Then comes the part where you formulate your comment. Your comment should obviously contain material relevant to that of the article, it should also contain words or phrases that can be used to link back to your company.
  3. Re-read it and make sure that it is an interesting comment so that people will actually read it and possibly get interested in seeing what else you have to say or to offer. Chances are that if you are on a blog that is related to your company, people will be at least a little bit interested.

So these are some tips and characteristics, I guess you could say, of what a good blog comment should contain or what it should be like to spark interest in the readers of the blog to help them visit your site.

In conclusion, and the conclusion is very simple, the difference between a good and bad blog comment is how much effort and thought is put into it and how much worth it has to the people reading it.


Photo Credit: http://hutchinson-page.wikispaces.com/

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director