Conversion FunnelIf you are anything like me you like to compare yourself to others… This can sometimes be unhealthy and detrimental but sometimes it can lead you to evaluate your current position and figure out how to improve it. I do most of my comparisons between my company’s success and other companies’ success. I look at another company and try to figure out why they are seemingly more successful then I am. When it comes to lead generation or web sales it can often come down to one thing conversion. Often times someone else has figured out how to better convert visitors into leads.

The conversion funnel

Now let me help you understand why there’s a funnel at the top of a page. When you think about the process of capturing a lead or making a sale, you need to think about the entire process like a funnel. You start with a lot of people and only end up with a few people. Your goal with this funnel needs to be to figure out a way to GET AS MANY PEOPLE INTO IT AS POSSIBLE! Plain and simple. The more you can convert visitors at the top of the funnel the more likely you are to get more people out the bottom.

How to get people into the funnel

Conversion Opportunities

I talked about making sure you have lots of opportunities to get people into the conversionconvert visitor entry point funnel, this means at least one point of entry on every page. I say, at least one, the more you can tactfully have on a page the better. Just make sure the page still looks natural and pleasing.
Just think about having forms on every page or links to the contact page or links to products and check out carts. You might be tempted to think they will go through one logical process from beginning to end, but that is unlikely. You still want to be able to convert visitors that just never learned to do things the same way everyone else did.

Optimize Wording

Carefully consider wordingNow that you have the frequent entry points you want to think to yourself, “is there a better way I could say that?” Perhaps you want someone to call you, you would probably say “contact us” or “call us today!” (pretty good right?… maybe not.) If you’re an accident attorney you might want to put “Get your free situational analysis” or “let the healing start today.” These are phrases that may resonate with what the visitor is thinking at the moment. Your website needs to be as well thought out as any advertisement or english paper, every part of navigation or action to be taken needs to be analyzed – could it be said better, made bigger/more attractive or does it need to be moved?

Soon enough you’ll look at your site as more than a yellow page ad for the internet and as a productive machine! There is no real science to this, so you’ll need to do a lot of trial and error to find out what works best for you. Eventually you’ll figure out how to better convert visitors into leads and will no longer feel the need to look up at the big boys… they’ll be looking at you.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director