I am a man of simple interests…advertising and women. The benefit to having a concentrated focus on these two subjects is their close relation to one another. Picture me with a devious smirk and you will better understand the voice of this post as well as the ones to come.

Approaching Your Target

I was at Starbucks on Wednesday around three in the afternoon when the customer in front of me began making an idiot of himself by attempting to flirt with the cashier.

Knowing when to approach a girl is like knowing when to connect with your customers through social media outlets.

Boys, do yourselves a favor, consider timing and setting the next time you approach a girl. If I’m not being clear enough, let me be more obvious…on a Wednesday afternoon while she is working, while you blabber on, she is thinking: “Get lost!”

It may be hump day, but don’t be fooled. She has a lot on her mind, including: exams, homework, two more days of work, and the weekend is still too far away to consider at the moment.

Connect with your customer through social media when they are ready to receive your message.When would be the right time to approach you might be asking yourself? Friday night at the ball game, or Saturday night at the pub, shoot even Sunday outside the coffee shop while she sips her mocha latte and reads the paper.

She is outside and in public places gents, she is inviting you to make a move, so feel free to engage.

Approaching Through Social Media

I recently read an article that mentioned how we as marketers are posting and tweeting incorrectly as businesses. Like the naive overly-energetic male customer, we are sending our messages at the wrong time and setting.

On a Wednesday afternoon, she and he both are either at school, work, or otherwise occupado. When is the right time and setting for your customers to receive your post and tweets you may ask? At night and on the weekends guys.

The best time is preferably on Sunday when they are “resting” and enjoying some much needed time on Facebook. When they are actually using Facebook and Twitter is probably going to be when your customers are ready and wanting to receive your message.

The Message

Now that you are conversing with this beautiful femme at the appropriate time, invite her to “like” you. Make your move grasshopper, she is ready and waiting my man.

photo credit: Runs With Scissors via photopin cc

photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director