Dr. Pepper caused quite the stir of excitement on Thursday when they posted an advertisement on their Facebook page which showed mankind evolving from monkeys because of the discovery of a can of Dr. Pepper.

Up until 7:05 P.M. 20,508 people had already liked the post and there were over 2,000 comments. The sources of comments ranged from people who were seriously offended, vowing to never let Dr. Pepper into their home again, to people who found it hilarious and took it for what they felt it was worth: an advertisement.

The Old DebateDr. Pepper Evolution Advertisement

The debate was primarily centered around creationism vs. evolution. Fans felt Dr. Pepper had sided with evolution and cut God completely out of the picture.

“Dr. Pepper should make a Christian version of this picture to shut them up. Show Elijah walking toward Bethel drinking Dr. Pepper,” said one fan who didn’t see sense in arguing.

Well, Dr. Pepper, so much for being an example on how to connect with customers on Facebook.

One of a Kind?

Although the Dr. Pepper slogan is “Always One of a Kind” it actually fell in line behind several other big companies in terms of causing massive amounts of controversy. Earlier this year Kraft’s Oreos made a status update on their Facebook in favor of gay marriage, causing an equally large debate amongst their fans.

Subsequently, Chick-Fil-A’s president denounced gay marriage. The company used Dr. Pepper EvolutionFacebook to respond to the criticism which his statement received.

Only time will tell if the soda company will be looking for an online reputation management team. But coming from this writer, if they want to appease the believers, a “God said, ‘Let there be Dr. Pepper” advertisement would be most welcome and humorous.

Just a thought.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director