On the Big Leap blog, we’ve discussed the importance of digital marketing. We’ve gone over the value of social media success and how to measure that success. As professional marketing consultants, we understand the vital necessity of marketing across all platforms in today’s digitally-centered era.

With an estimated 3,270,490,584 people using the Internet each day, maintaining a solid online presence is perhaps one of the greatest keys to achieving marketing triumph. We could talk endlessly about statistics, tactics and strategies, but why not examine some real-life examples of companies who are gaining great success through social media?

With clever posts, frequent activity, a bold online presence and more, these seven Utah ad agencies are doing social media right.

StruckStruck on Pinterest

Located in Salt Lake City, Struck is a digital creative agency that markets brands through interaction, branding, design and advertising. Struck specializes in food and beverage, lifestyle and fitness, travel and tourism, restaurant and franchise experience and the entertainment and retail realms. Their main goal is to make brands greater than they are. How do they do that? Social media of course! Twitter and Pinterest are their biggest platforms:

  • Twitter: Struck has over 9,238 followers on Twitter and are following more than 4,654. With 4,375 Tweets to date, Struck tweets a lot about clever, interesting and fun topics that engage readers. Their content, along with effective use of hashtags, gives Struck a solid online presence. They also include a visually appealing background picture and include their logo as much as possible, giving users a clear understanding of who they are.
  • Pinterest: For a social media platform that’s only five-years-old, Struck has taken full advantage of what Pinterest has to offer; they have nearly 2,000 pins, 19 boards and 570 followers. They make prime use of boards with popular, well-organized categories that include everything from food, to fashion, to design and beyond. Struck also includes a short blurb about who they are along with a logo that increases brand recognition. They’ve even linked their website with Pinterest so accessing their homepage is easy.

The Summit Group screenshotThe Summit Group

Salt Lake City’s The Summit Group tells stories; not just any stories, but stories that effectively market businesses. With a philosophy that relies heavily on the fact that all businesses have a story to tell, The Summit Group engages target audiences and sells products and services by bringing to life the well-told stories of business. They use Facebook to spread the word.

  • Facebook: The Summit Group has 915 Facebook followers with a 4.8-star review. They post frequently – about every three days, which is enough to maintain a solid presence without overdoing it. All of their posts are relevant and engage audience members with interesting topics that make people want to read. They keep things short and sweet with just enough information to get readers hooked. The Summit Group also includes a great logo for their cover photo and uses a profile picture that increases brand recognition.

Fluid AdvertisingFluid Advertising Screen Shot

For many, staying relevant in the ever-changing ad world can be difficult, but not for Fluid Advertising. This digital marketing, advertising and design agency out of Bountiful, Utah brings together creativity, strategy, branding, and digital design to offer businesses a full-service marketing plan. As digital experts, Fluid uses LinkedIn to help them connect with users and promote their services.

  • LinkedIn: With 2,638 followers, Fluid Advertising has an expansive reach on LinkedIn and they are doing a bunch of things right. Firstly, Fluid jumpstarts their brand recognition with a great use of their logo and a clear definition of who they are and what they do. Secondly, they provide accurate, updated information about company happenings, job openings and relevant advertising tips. And lastly, Fluid clearly states their address, website and industry so that users can easily connect with them.

thomas arts twitter screenshotThomasARTS

ThomasARTS helps businesses nationwide achieve their goals with strategic and creative communications and advertising expertise. With offices in Farmington, Utah, Orange County, Minneapolis, Dallas and New York, this 10-year-old company has been named one of the fastest growing in the nation and has already partnered with Fortune 500 businesses in the healthcare, insurance and finance industries. Twitter has been a key tool in the success of ThomasARTS.

  • Twitter: ThomasARTS is following 671 profiles, has 913 followers and has posted more than 1,500 tweets. They frequently tweet about what is happening within their company, they credit others and they include interesting, engaging information. ThomasARTS also uses retweets to their advantage by sharing relevant messages that add to their credibility and they encourage others to share their tweets. Additionally, ThomasARTS uses simple, attractive branding that adds unity to their name and image.

Richter7richter 7 screen shot

One click on Richter7’s website and the message is clear: their advertising, public relations, digital marketing and social media communication services are bold and effective. This advertising agency in Salt Lake City helps businesses boost brand identity and maximize customer value by offering full-service marketing strategies and a creative approach to advertising. Richter7 uses Facebook to spread their name and connect with clients.

  • Facebook: Though the Richter7 Facebook page doesn’t have Followers, more than 817 people have liked their page and they’ve received a 4-star review from users. They use Facebook as a platform to exemplify their fun, creative spirit with thoughtful hashtags, employee contests, light-hearted posts, and company happenings. Richter7 even uses Facebook as a way to advertise job openings, which encourages user interaction. Their clear logo and company description leave no room for confusion.

avaluanch media screen shotAvalaunch Media

As “The Content Marketing Experts” Avalaunch Media in Lehi, Utah specializes in online marketing, promotion and optimization, search engine optimization, web design and much more. They develop custom content marketing strategies so businesses can increase every aspect of their promotional needs. Avalaunch Media is also one of the only advertising agencies in Utah to be making valuable use of Google Plus.

  • Google Plus: Avalaunch has 121 Google Plus followers and more than 42,953 page views. They post frequently about their company, projects they’re working on, business developments and more. They also make good use of hashtags when appropriate and include members of their circles in their posts. Avalaunch uses photos and albums to their advantage, by giving visitors a visual idea of who their company is and what they do. Lastly, Avalaunch includes a link to their YouTube channel for further information as well as a direct link to their website.

As these companies exemplify, proper use of social media can boost the success of business. With dozens of beneficial platforms and endless, creative online opportunities, building an Internet presence has never been easier. Learn more about the positive effects of social media with further reading on how to advertise on social media platforms, how social media works for small businesses

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director