If you are reading this, chances are you have decided to introduce your small business to the social media world. Don’t worry, you have made the right choice! A majority of your potential clients/consumers are already using social media and now you have the opportunity to reach them.

Twitter is a gold mine when it comes to small businesses. Thousands of businesses just like yours have found success  by being smart and consistent with the way they use Twitter. Although there isn’t necessarily a “right” way to build your small business on twitter , there are definitely some wrong ways. If you want your small business to be successful on twitter, avoid the following at all costs.small_3341034811

Using the Default Twitter Profile

Although there isn’t necessarily something “wrong” with using the default Twitter profile, it shows that you do not care enough about your brand to make your Page exciting. Add a cool background image and use a profile picture that will help people recognize your company. Add details to your Page that people will find interesting. Think to yourself, “If someone was learning about my company for the first time, what would I want them to know?” Those are the types of things that should show up on your profile.

Over Tweeting

You need to tweet enough so that people will see you and come to learn who you are and what you do but the last thing you want to do is bombard your followers with too much information. If you tweet so much that it clogs up your follower’s feeds, it is likely that they will unfollow you. No one likes a person or business who talks about themselves too much.

Not Tweeting Enough

On the other hand, you need to make sure you are tweeting enough so that people will actually see your tweets. Most people on Twitter follow a lot of accounts and you don’t want your tweets to get lost. So how often should you tweet? As your number of followers grow you can begin tweeting more and more, but for now 2-3 tweets a day should be plenty.

Automated Tweeting

Automated tweeting may be fine for extremely large companies who do not have the time to reply to every tweet or new follower, but for a small business, automated tweeting is instant death on Twitter! Your followers need to know that you are real and that you care about them. Take the time to reach out to them and thank them for following or mentioning you, doing so will help you gain their trust.

Using Too Many Hashtags

Using hashtags is extremely important for you to do. More people will see your tweets and you will receive more interaction if you use them properly. However, you need to be careful about not using too many hasthags. #Adding #seven #different #hashtags #to #every #tweet will make you look like spam and you will instantly loose credibility.

Over Self-Promotion

Although it is important for you to talk about your brand and help people see the benefits of using your product/service, branch out and talk about other things. Most people are on twitter to be entertained so try your best to entertain them. Post interesting articles, funny pictures, inspiring quotes along with details about your company. Once people begin following you because they like the way you tweet, then they will begin to appreciate what you do as a company.

Not Following People Back

It is proper etiquette on Twitter to follow someone back if they follow you. This is especially important if they are a potential client/customer. Try and follow back as many people as you can, but avoid following back spam accounts.


Do not make up or exaggerate things about your company or your products to try and gain new followers. Ultimately people will be able to detect if you are deceiving them. Be honest and let your products/services do the talking!

Tweeting About Sensitive or Political Issues

Although you may personally have strong feelings about political or other sensitive issues, avoid discussing them on your company account. If you do choose to tweet about these issues, do so in a neutral way that some how ties back into what you do as a company.

Lashing Out

It is likely that as your business grows on Twitter you will come across those who will complain, give negative reviews, or try to argue with you. Do not lash out. Instead respectfully and tactfully deal with these  issues until they are resolved. Resolving conflict the right way will show your followers and potential customers how much you care.

Buying Followers

You want to have as many followers as possible on Twitter, but buying new followers just isn’t the way to go. Fake followers will do nothing for you and in fact will hurt your image. Build your followers by reaching out to potential customers and by tweeting relevant material that they will care about.

photo credit: topgold via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director